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Welcome to the Sonoran Trails Library!

Welcome to the Sonoran Trails Middle School Library, I'm Mrs. Larson!

I'm looking forward to helping you the best I can in the library this year by continuing to inspire your love of reading and also help you improve your research skills.

Don't hesitate to ask for assistance when you're in the library. I am here to help you with whatever you need...looking for a book, printing in the Computer Lab, etc. Please remember to bring the hall pass from your classroom (if not with a class) and sign in at the front "Check Out" desk. This is important so that we are accounting for where students are at all times!

I look forward to helping you and brightening your day! Go STINGERSl

Library Links

Search for books and log on to your account & RENEW your books here:
Destiny Discover Catalog

Career Exploration

Explore careers based on your interests! Learn about the education and skills necessary for various careers, as well as the pay, job outlook, work environment, and more.

Local Libraries:

Library Hours

Library Schedule:
7:35 am-2:45 pm

The library will open in the morning to any student who needs to check out/in a book or print at 7:35 am. Students can come to the library during class with a pass from their teacher, between classes, and during lunch with a pass from a staff member on duty.  

*If the library is closed for any reason, I will put a note on the door!*

(480) 272-8609