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E-Books Access Here


Sonoran Trails has had a collection of 187 e-books (fiction and non-fiction) available for quite some time. 

  • E-book titles appear at the bottom of the Discover Catalog. Scroll down and click on the "See All," Tab on the far right to view all e-books. Keep scrolling down and e-books will load. 
  • E-books may be checked out, like regular library books, for a period of 14 days.
  • LOG-IN: You will need to enter your Student ID for the UserName and for the Passord, to check out e-books.
  • E-books will check themselves back in after 14 days, but you can also return them yourself.
  • Reading Levels: Most e-books are appropriate for 6th-8th grade reading levels. But there are some titles for 3rd-5th grade reading levels, as well.

Click HERE to access the STMS library catalog and our e-book collection.

See attached document, Follett's Quick Guide to Using E-Books below: 
Guide to Follett E-Books

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