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Our School

Sonoran Trails is a wonderful learning community of students, parents, and staff who strongly believe in providing a safe and healthy environment that meets the unique needs of middle school students. We take great pride in our school and welcome you to become a full participant in the wide variety of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities we provide throughout the school year.

We firmly believe that all students can learn and that they come to school ready for us to assist them in that process. We focus on the whole child, providing a challenging academic curriculum, as well as enrichment and remediation opportunities. We host no fewer than 14 competitive sports teams each year in three separate seasons. In addition, we offer several after school clubs and enrichment activities, including SEED Club, Student Council, Robotics Club, Yearbook, Drama Club and National Junior Honor Society. Sonoran Trails strives to meet the individual needs of every student and works closely with parents and the community to accomplish this goal. Your ideas are welcome.

Sonoran Trails is blessed with one of the most professional and highly qualified teaching and support staffs in the state of Arizona. Our teachers take great pride in their abilities to help all students reach their full potential by concentrating on learning the needs of each child. They examine data from AIMS testing, teacher reports and student report cards from past years, and daily class assessments in order to develop a clear picture of each student's strengths and areas for growth. They use this information to differentiate their lesson planning in order to address these individual needs. They work in teams to identify what's working and what isn't working, share specific student concerns, brainstorm, problem-solve and plan. 

Sonoran Trails has one of the best parent-teacher organizations in the District. They organize fundraisers that provide many activities for students and families while generating dollars to help make Sonoran Trails a great place. Their contributions have a significant impact on our overall success each and every day. We are tremendously grateful to have such a dedicated group of moms, dads, and other relatives that help us educate our children. We encourage everyone in the community to become involved and join this magnificent organization.

Thank you for visiting our website and please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns.