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Mr. Dave Boggs, Principal

Dave Boggs

Dave Boggs

Principal, Sonoran Trails Middle School

Jenny Couturier

Assistant to the Principal

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2024-25 school year at Sonoran Trails! Many of you
know me but the new folks don’t so a quick recap.
My name is Dave Boggs and I am the Principal here at Sonoran Trails. This is my
third year at STMS and my third in Arizona as well. I moved from Kansas (Rock Chalk
Jayhawk!) where I was Assistant Principal and Principal of both middle and high schools. I was
attracted to Cave Creek because of the school’s amazing track record of excellence and
success. I have not been disappointed and enjoy our staff and students immensely.
I have a passion for education and have a strong educational vision that of course includes
ensuring our students master academic standards but is really centered around teaching kids
how to learn and how to think critically. In short, I believe that we have a duty to teach students
how to learn and why learning is so important and then facilitate their individual learning
Although I have worked at both the middle and high school levels, my true educational home is
the middle school. A famous person once said that you can’t step in the same river twice as
rivers are constantly changing. To me, middle school is a perfect analogy to that. It is almost
impossible to meet the same middle school student twice because, as I’m sure you are aware,
they change from day to day (sometimes radically)! I find this quality in them to be enormously
charming even though it comes (as I’m sure you are also aware) with certain challenges. It is
the perfect balance of charm and challenge that attracts us middle school types and keeps us
coming back year after year.
In closing, I would like to ask one simple thing of all of our parents and caregivers. Working in
education brings so many opportunities to have fun and brings great joy, but we will also
encounter challenges along the way. I ask that we share both the fun and the challenges as
partners. We all, each of us, have the very best of intentions for our shared students. As
partners, if we communicate and share, there are no challenges that can’t lead to joy.
Dave Boggs